We have been cooperating with Dekorpanel for some years now because of the quality of their products and highly flexible delivery times. I have to give special praise to their commercial clerk Petra who always finds a mutually satisfactory solution if any problems arise.

Roletarstvo Bayer d.o.o.

I have been cooperating with Dekorpanel for quite a while because of the quality of their products and fast delivery times. They always honour our agreement.

Zaključna dela v gradbeništvu, Dejan Ošlak s. p.


A reliable and courteous partner. They are always available and helpful if the project can be technically executed in a feasible timeframe. I would like to thank them all and I am looking forward to our successful cooperation in the future.

Roletarstvo Medle d.o.o

We have been cooperating with Dekorpanel d.o.o. for some years now. After all this time we can definitely say that our cooperation is positive. They are honest, their response time is fast and they are very dependable in terms of delivery time which we find the most important. They have a wide range of quality products. We are definitely looking forward to our future cooperation.

Promont-tim d.o.o.

Our first cooperation with DEKORAPANEL d.o.o. dates back to 2015. So far, we have built a courteous and especially respectful business relationship which has contributed to a fast and simple resolution of rear problems that have occurred. We have jointly carried out enough projects which is why we are able to confirm that the products by DEKORPANEL d.o.o. are quality, pleasing and always manufactured in the promised time frame.

Spial d.o.o.

We find cooperation with Dekorpanel a great pleasure because they operate in a fast and efficient manner and provide high-quality products. Their employees are helpful and kind. We are looking forward to future successful and pleasant cooperation in exactly the same way.

All praise to you and thank you very much!

Ekipa Montaže, Anže Mlakar s.p.

Dekorpanel is a business partner you can always rely on unconditionally. Orders are processed fast and kept up-to-date. Because of their flexibility and competencies they are also able to recommend solutions outside their regular range of products. Cooperation with them is a great pleasure because there are no worries regarding order processing and because the quality always comes first. We only wish for further cooperation in the same way.

MBA, Andrej Oberžan s.p.


At RS OKNA we find fast response time and availability the most important and must give special praise to Mrs Petra who does her best and always finds the right solution. Dekorpanel d.o.o. provides a wide range of decorative fillers that meet all our customers’ demands and guarantees short time frames for production and delivery of their products which is why they will surely remain our suppliers in the future.

RS okna

Cooperation with Dekorpanel d.o.o. is always at a high level. They provide quality products and respect the agreed time frames. We are looking forward to such cooperation in the future.

Bellestra d.o.o.

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