Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

HPL panels are 2 mm thick.


Other available panel thicknesses: 24, 36, 40, 44 and 48 mm.


We have in stock all standard Renolit colour tones according to profile manufacturers’ colour charts (Veka, Inautic, KBE, Aluplast, Trocal, Salamander, etc.). All other colours according to panel manufacturers’ colour charts can also be available, however you have to consider a somewhat longer delivery time.


The delivery time for HPL flat panels is up to 5 days, for HPL decorative panels up to 10 working days (in principle, all panels ordered until Wednesday shall be delivered the following week, whilst others shall be delivered a week later) and for ALU panels 15 – 20 working days. Delivery time may be longer during peak season (prior to vacations, end of the year, etc.).

Yes, if production is feasible. You only have to provide us with an image or sketch with a marked scale.

All RAL colours and structural colours are available according to colour charts. Standard colours are indicated in the price list (numerous other colours are also available). If a certain colour is unavailable you have to consider additional costs for such colour.

ALU panels are available in all thicknesses according to customers’ demands.





Sheet metal on the external side is 3 mm thick. The same applies to the internal side. If there are no accessories within the one-face covering panel, the internal sheet metal can also be 2 mm thick.

Each panel can include several types of decorative glass and all ornament glass in stock.

We keep satin, rosa, chinchilla, masterkare and stopsol glass.


We provide a 5-year warranty for HPL and ALU decorative panels.



We aim to rectify warranty claims as a matter of priority within the shortest time period possible. In principle, we address warranty claims in the field ourselves or in agreement with the client.




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