Dekorpanel d.o.o.

The primary activity of the company is the production of decorative panels for ALU and PVC entrance doors. Development of our panels includes cooperation with experts in various fields: engineers, architects, and graphic and industrial designers. Our key strength is that we are able to produce unique panels according to individual clients’ demands. Dekorpanel d.o.o. presents itself in the market with a high quality line of HPL panels called MODERNA, ALU line of panels called SELECTION and PVC line of decorative panels. We also produce flat HPL and ALU panels of different shapes and thicknesses.

ALU decorative panels

These panels are made of quality aluminium which provides long-term protection of your home against heat, cold, external noise and potential burglars. We have prepared a wide range of modern and standard decorative panels where you will surely find the right product for your home according to your demands. You can choose between various ALU models of decorative panels and numerous colour patterns according to the RAL colour palette. You can variegate the selected models of decorative panels with different wood decorations and accessories made of polished or brushed stainless steel.

HPL decorative panels

In order to meet your demands, Dekorpanel developed a line of HPL decorative panels called MODERNA. We offer a wide range of different colour tones and decorative glass. We can also design custom doors for more demanding clients. Please check our range of Moderna, Prestige, Extra and Delux models and gain an insight into the high quality of products manufactured by Dekorpanel.

PVC decorative panels

Our basic line of PVC panels is called SIMPLE and includes 9 different models intended for the manufacture of PVC entrance doors. In combination with HPL panels you can achieve the colour tone you like.

ALU flat panels

ALU flat panels from our sales programme are made of sheet metal of various thicknesses – 1.5 mm, 2 mm in 3 mm. Sheet metal can be painted in all RAL colours. Panel dimensions: 1000 × 2000 mm, 1250 × 2500 mm and 1500 × 3050 mm. The total thickness of the panel shall comply with the set requirement, whilst the core of the ALU panel shall be made of XPS insulation. We also cut the panels to desired dimensions.

HPL flat panels

HPL flat panels include two 2 mm thick laminated panels and XPS insulation core. Standard thickness: 24 mm, 36 mm and 40 mm; Dimensions: 900 × 2150 mm and 1150 × 3050 mm. They are available in all colour tones according to profile manufacturers’ colour charts. Panels can also include central PVC reinforcement. We also cut the panels to desired dimensions.

Development of panels

Development of ALU and PVC decorative panels for entrance doors

Our company puts great emphasis on the development. Our new lines of panels, door handles and other products reflect your requests and adaptation to the market. We try to take into account all your requests and to adapt to them as much as possible if this is feasible from the structural perspective.

Certificates and warranty

We are distinguished by the received internationally recognized certificates IFT Rosenheim. We give a general 5-year warranty for standard models of ALU and HPL flat and decorative panels.

Our key strength

Our key strength is production of unique panels according to individual clients’ demands. Besides the standard lines of panels we also manufacture panels according to images, sketches or your requests and designs.

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