Dekorpanel d.o.o. was established in 2014 in order to manufacture and market decorative panels for entrance doors. In consequence, Dekorpanel d.o.o. became the first Slovenian company to market decorative panels. In five years we have managed to expand our sales network throughout Slovenia and also to Croatia, Austria and Italy. Our company always strives to meet client’s desires and demands and at the same time creates the conditions for development of employees and provides them with economic and social security because we are aware that this is the only way to achieve long-term commercial success. The company currently employs several employees in the commercial as well as the production department and plans to hire additional staff in the future. Our employees regularly attend training courses and seminars.


Dušan Bezek
Director of Dekorpanel d.o.o.

Leja Bezek
Key account manager, sales

Panel assembly team

Production plant


Dekorpanel is the right choice for all who find quality important when purchasing products because all of our products are composed of top-quality and tested materials and because our company only cooperates with reputed companies from Slovenia and abroad. Our commitment to quality is backed by multi-year warranties.

We support our clients with the production of ALU and PVC decorative panels and provide them with quality consulting services in the process of selecting the right products according to their desires and demands. Our main advantage is the ability to adapt to individual clients’ desires and the production of individual panels. Over the years we have expanded our activities to the production of stainless steel door handles and knobs and other entrance door accessories.


Fulfilment of client’s expectations and demands

We would like to approach our customers in all segments of expectations and demands. Customer satisfaction is the only criterion important to our company.

Increase of sales and company income

Our company would also like to achieve long-term business growth in order to ensure continuous development of our products, fulfil our client’s desires and demands, provide our employees with the necessary training and economic and social security, and in order to contribute to the society as a whole.

Product quality assurance

We guarantee the required level of quality for all of our products which is why all of our clients receive multi-year warranties with the purchase of our products.

Innovativeness and environmental aspect of production

Our decorative panels are manufactured using a highly innovative and technological production process.

Physical increase of the volume of production

We upgrade the production of ALU, HPL and PVC decorative panels every year. Therefore, we are successful in introducing new production environments and increasing the number of jobs on an annual basis.

Automation and flexibility of production

We are successful in introducing automation of production processes and providing better and better working condition for our employees. The precision in product manufacture is therefore at an excellent level, the production time is decreasing, whilst the flexibility of our company is increasing.

Development and economic and social security

We create the conditions for development of our employees and provide them with economic and social security. We are aware that this is the only way to achieve long-term commercial success.

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